Head Lice

Our Lady of Lourdes School recognises the need to respond to the community's need for education and support in the management of head lice. Ultimately the detection and treatment of head lice is the family's responsibility, however the school can play an important part in promoting a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the problem.

Periodically the problem of Head Lice appears in all schools. It is the parent’s responsibility to detect and treat head-lice infestations. If a child is found to have head-lice, the school will notify all parents of children in that class. It is the parents’ responsibility to take appropriate action.

If you discover that your child has headlice, begin treatment immediately. For more information see the Head Lice Fact Sheet available on the Queensland Health Website.

Send your child back to school as soon as effective treatment has commenced. Your child is not a risk to others as long as treatment has commenced.

Complete a notification form and return it to school with your child. It is most likely that others in the class also have head lice. We can then advise all families to check every 2 days (and treat if head lice are found). This decreases the chance of your child getting head lice back again.