​Given that we respect the uniqueness and individuality of children and we have committed ourselves to their growth in personal responsibility and self-discipline, the following is expected in respect of school uniform and general grooming.

Please refer to the Student Dress Code


Students are expected to be neatly and tidily dressed and well groomed, this includes care of such things as shoes (cleaned and polished), finger nails, hair combed or brushed and kept at such a length to ensure tidiness. When travelling to and from school and at school, children are required to wear the correct uniform. Parents’ co-operation is essential and sought in this matter. If for some reason a student is unable to wear the correct uniform, a note from the parents to the Class Teacher explaining the situation is required.

Please note

  • Only limited jewellery is permitted – namely a cross on a chain, and a personal signet ring. Children with pierced ears are to wear sleepers or studs to minimize accidental injury, and ​this is limited to one earring per ear.
  • Nail polish on finger or toenails is not permitted. Neither is make up or perfume.
  • Girls must wear one-piece bathing costumes for swimming lessons and it is compulsory that all children wear a bathing cap. A sun shirt must also be worn.
  • It is required that children with long hair tie it back. Both boys and girls should have conventional type haircuts.
  • All students are expected to be neatly dressed and groomed.​​​
School uniforms are purchased at School Locker. You may choose to shop in-store, Shop 2, 3878 Pacific Highway, Loganholme, 4129 or shop online and have orders shipped directly to your home address. ​

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