P & F / Parent Engagement

​​​​​​​​Catholic School Parents - P&F Association

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral part of the school community. The financial support received from the parent body is one of the important ways of enhancing the facilities and resources of the school. 

The objectives of Our Lady of Lourdes School P & F are as follows:

  1. To provide a means of contact between the parents and school administration:
  2. To provide for the parents and friends of the school a means of meeting socially to help develop a corporate spirit among those associated with its work;
  3. To liaise closely with the Principal of the school and the Parish Priest in identifying school needs, establishing priorities in respect of such needs and to raise funds to assist in the provision of same.

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is run by parent volunteers to provide valuable support to the school by fostering relationship and building a spirit of community between parents, families, the school, the parish and wider community and contributing resources not covered by school fees.

​​Through their dedicated efforts, the P & F Association organise fundraising events, fete, social events and work behind the scenes to assist families where there is a need, helping build the a strong community spirit of friendship and good will within the school.

Our Parents and Friends Association meets each term in the Tenison Woods Library and dates are advertised in the school calendar.  If you would like further information, please contact the P&F at:  psunnybankpandf@bne.catholic.edu.au  

President: Mr Mark Ghobrial

Vice President:  Mr Ben Leung and Bish Elyas

Treasurer:  Mrs Kylie Nilsson

Secretary:   Mrs Natasha Muller

Social Committee:  Jennifer Jom, Katrina Keating, Simone Carter, Greg Alexander, Sara Eylas, Caitlyn Brodie.​

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