Educational Excursions and Camps

Teachers are encouraged to take the educative process outside the classroom whenever it is appropriate to the learning needs of the students.

Excursions and camps are planned as a part of the school curriculum to illustrate and demonstrate Curriculum Learning Areas. Excursions therefore involve compulsory attendance for all students.

A yearly excursion levy caters for any special events such as excursions and guest presenters. This amount is billed on the school fee account. It is Our Lady of Lourdes school policy that any bus used for excursions must be “seat belted".

Each year the class teachers plan for excursions (trips away from school) and incursions (visitors to schools) that are relevant to the particular topic or unit of work being presented in their classrooms. A letter is sent home electronically providing you with all the relevant details concerning the excursion/incursion.

The school curriculum provides opportunities for students to experience life in community situations outside the family. Appropriately planned and supervised camps and excursions assist greatly in the students' understanding of the community in which they live.

To this end, Our Lady of Lourdes excursion program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting. Excursions complement and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at our school. Our Excursion Program at Our Lady of Lourdes aims to develop an understanding that learning is not limited to school, and that valuable and powerful learning takes place in the real world.

Our school policy states that excursions and camps are planned as part of the school curriculum to illustrate and demonstrate Curriculum learning areas. Excursions are compulsory attendance for all students and the cost will ​therefore be added to every student's school fee account to meet fixed costs and is non-refundable.​


In Years 4 (day camp), 5 and 6 camps are offered as an opportunity to support student development and further learning in a non-school setting. They provide students with an educational experience in co-operative living and allow the opportunity to use natural surroundings to help them grow emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.  All camps are planned and implemented according to the guidelines and regulations of Brisbane Catholic Education.