2020 School Fees

Download a Fee Calculation Sheet (Ready Reckoner)

School Fee Policy

Billing Procedures

  • School Fee Accounts will be sent quarterly. The accounts will be emailed at the start of each school term
  • Parents have the option of paying a proportion of their accounts each month / fortnight / week if preferred.

Note to Parents

The aim is to try to ensure that an education at our school will remain manageable for most families. We recognise that some families who seek a quality Catholic Education may not able to meet this level of costs but a concession rate is a possibility based on information and documentation provided at an appropriate time.

Any family wishing to discuss a possible concession will need to arrange to meet with the Principal who is always available to discuss financial issues confidentially.


Parish Discount Sharing Agreement

With Our Lady of Lourdes School and St Thomas More College Sunnybank (STMC)

  • To attract the discount a family must have at least one student attending Our Lady of Lourdes School and STMC in the same academic year. Both students must complete the full year at each school. Families on a fee concession cannot also apply for this discount.
  • The discount applied by each school to the family’s fee account at that school on a per family basis, shall be 50% of the relevant capital levy (for each school).
  • On application by the family, the discount amount shall be credited to a family’s fee account the following year provided all fees and charges owing from the previous year are paid in full. Where a family is in their last year at Our Lady of Lourdes School the discount amount shall be paid to STMC in the form of an account credit to their fee account.