Music Handbook

Music Enrolment Form 2020

​At Our Lady of Lourdes, we value the essential skills Performing Arts teaches students, skills our students will need throughout their schooling and beyond. 

Music builds student's self-confidence, creativity and adaptability and extends their abilities in communicating and exploring ideas. 


The 2020 Music Program will provide a comprehensive course providing tuition by fine musicians and educators who will cater for all ability levels and provide the opportunity 

for students to explore and pursue their individual talents.  

Students in the program will also benefit from involvement in the Our Lady of Lourdes ensembles once they gain the correct skill level.   

If you are contemplating your child learning an instrument in 2020, then please ensure you give this information your attention.   

To help with staffing we ask that Enrolment forms are returned to school by Friday 15thNovember to ensure your place in the program.  

​This includes current students enrolled in Piano, Instrumental Music and the Strings Program.   

Please be aware that there is a possibility that not all instruments may be offered if enough enrolments are not received for that particular instrument. 


Our Lady of Lourdes provides classroom music lessons once a week for students in all year levels. The children learn the skills necessary for playing and singing various musical forms by working the areas of Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Form, Pitch, Style and Tone Colour.

From 2020, students in Year 4 will participate in a Music Immersion Programme, with the instrument being the violin.