ukele.jpgOur Lady of Lourdes provides classroom music lessons once a week for students in all year levels. The children learn the skills necessary for playing and singing various musical forms by working the areas of Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Form, Pitch, Style and Tone Colour.

All students have access to simple percussion instruments during music lessons.  They will learn to play the ukulele for the final two years of primary school during class music lessons.

We also have a comprehensive range of lessons in specific instruments that are accessed by over half the students in the school on a private basis for those parents interested in accessing these during school hours. The contact details are below.

drums.jpgThe schools has the following ensembles that are able to be accessed by all students if they wish:

              • ​​​​​​​​Strings ensemble for beginners -  violin, viola, cello and double bass
              • ​​​​​Strings ensemble for advanced players
              • ​​​​​Band for wood wind, brass and percussion
              • ​​​​​Guitar ensemble
              • ​​​​​​Mandolin band

Details for the any of the music programmed elements are available from the Music Teacher/Arts Co-ordinator Mr Druery at

​For further information regarding private lessons, parents are asked to refer to the BCE Connect App or Parent Portal.