Educational Excursions and Camps

​​​​​From time to time, excursions to places of educational interest are undertaken. Parents will be advised when such visits are to occur and a form of approval will be emailed for completion. Approval of the parent must be given before the child is allowed to go on the excursion. Excursion costs are covered by the Activities Levy in the school fees.


Leadership Camp

Year 5 students attend a camp in preparation for their leadership duties as Senior students. The cost of the camp is in addition to the school fees and can be paid throughout the year.           

The benefits of camp are numerous, particularly the enhancement of the child’s social and emotional growth. Attendance at camp is designed to develop your child’s character through skills that are socially, mentally and physically challenging. It is not designed to be a holiday away from school. Outdoor educational activities are designed to develop initiative, self-reliance, communication skills, teamwork and cooperation.

Throughout the camp the children are encouraged to both challenge and congratulate themselves through the many activities. They spend time mixing with their peers and a lot of time is spent in encouraging them to acknowledge the way others are challenging themselves.

Canberra Trip

A trip to Canberra is organised each year in July for the Senior students and their teachers to attend.  Cost of the trip is in addition to the school fees and can be paid in instalments throughout the year.