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​Throughout the year, parents are always welcome to come and discuss the progress of their child / children. Given that such interviews should be free of distraction and interruption it is necessary that a mutually convenient time be arranged beforehand. Sometimes, too, teachers may request parents to come to the school.

Two opportunities for Parent / Teacher Interviews are offered each year. These are held at the end of Term 1 and the start of Term 3.

A Report Card is issued at the end of each semester.

Each fortnight a newsletter will be published in an effort to communicate the day to day and future events. More importantly, it is hoped that the spirit and the life of the school will also be evident in this newsletter. 

The principal of the school is available for interviews of a general nature at times when he is not involved in time-tabled activities. As these vary over each month, interviews can be simply arranged by telephoning or emailing the school. To ensure that such an interview is fruitful, it would be helpful if a reason for the interview could be given so that any relevant information can be gathered beforehand.

Teachers are not available to answer telephone calls personally during class times. A message can be left and a response will be made as soon as possible. Emailing is not the best option if the message is urgent.

Parents are invited to keep in touch with the life of the school by participating in social events as they occur, parent/teacher evenings, Parents and Friends Association, Tuckshop and other school activities as announced.​

​Digital Communication

Communication between parents and the school is paramount to our success. We have many resources to foster this communication and apart from face to face communication we utilise a number of digital means including a communication app and parent portal. Our permission forms and interview bookings for biannual interviews are also by digital means. All of these tools, allow parents to have easy access and to respond at their convenience. Our parent portal can also be read in different languages