Master Plan

The Our Lady of Lourdes Master Plan maps a way towards a more modern and sustainable campus in the years ahead and continues to build on the School's commitment to continuing to improve and develop its campus from buildings and facilities, to improving layout and access.

The Master Plan has been designed to reflect the school's future needs, while providing a strategy for the development of the whole campus. Reflected in the Master Plan are formal and informal learning spaces which create a sense of community.

Stage 1 will consist of:

  • Refurbishing the Holy Family Building to create a collaborative teaching and learning space (upstairs – Current Year 2 classrooms)
  • Refurbishing downstairs to create a new Resource Centre (Library) with a dedicated space for Guidance and Learning Support
  • Refurbishing the Tennison Woods Building to create collaborative teaching and learning spaces (current Library and Year 3 classrooms)  

Holy Family Upper and Lower Current

Holy Family Upper

Library and Learning Support Areas Refurbished

Tennison Woods Current

Tennison Woods Refurbished Upper and Lower


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